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SURFACING MATERIAL: Beadazzled Geode™ in MR-BG-1554

We are pleased to announce our exciting and elegant Maya Romanoff Mirror Collection™, the result of our newest collaboration with APF Munn. Our Mirror Collection™ features 6 styles, ranging from traditional to contemporary. Constructed using a wide range of premium native and imported hardwood, utilizing non-destructive harvesting practices and eco-friendly urethane adhesive, each mirror is customizable and available finished with Beadazzled® beading of any size.

Glass beads are hand-applied directly to Callisto's frame. In 12K white gold over blue clay, the profile sweeps down from its outer edge, across a wide panel and ends in a smaller circle of gold. The convex mirror sits deep within a panel of brilliant glass beads, giving the effect of an aura of light, surrounding the moon at center. Features Geode™ Beadazzled Flexible Glass Bead Wallcovering®

Dimensions: 30.25” Diameter (76.8 cm); 4” Depth (10.2 cm)
Custom Dimensions: Up to 36” convex mirror
Profile Dimensions: Panel width is variable
Frame Finish Available: Any leaf or custom color
Mirror Available: Any standard
Surface Covering Available:Beadazzled® beading of any size
Content: Core wood frame with painted metal finish and applied surfacing material